Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

Attend 3 meetings or MLS events in a 12 month period. On or after the 3rd meeting or event, your name will then be put before members at the 3rd (or next) meeting and membership will be voted on. Provide some basic information. Pay your membership fee. If you are not present at time of vote, once your membership has been approved by a vote, annual dues are $20 per individual or family and should be paid during the meeting you join. Renewals should be paid to the Treasurer at the January meeting.

When and where are meetings held?

Our meetings are scheduled on the third Tuesday of each month, excluding July, when we bow to Phoenix summer temperatures and take the month off. Meetings are held at the North Mountain Visitor Center, 12950 N. 7th Street in Phoenix and start at 7:00PM.

Is the Visitor Center ADA compliant?


What goes on at club meetings?

Each month, we feature educational presentations by guest speakers or skill demonstration by local artisans, some of which are our own members, and may include some hands-on activities. There are door prizes and refreshments. Visitors are welcome!

How can I get a rock identified?

Our members may be able to help if you bring a sample to a monthly meeting. Tip: a fresh surface along with the location where the sample was found will really help with the identification.

How do I get information about field trips?

Currently, we are not sponsoring or organizing field trips. We pair with other local clubs and share information at meetings regarding any upcoming field trips with our members and include announcements on our home page. By becoming a member, you will receive trip details, such as who to contact, what to expect, where and when to meet, and what to bring. This information will be available at monthly meetings or via email.

Links to Further Resources

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Phoenix is home to more than 41,000 acres of desert parks and mountain preserves, and 200-plus miles of trails. Millions of people enjoy city trails every year.

Save Our Mountains Foundation ("SOMF") is a Phoenix-based nonprofit formed in 1973 by concerned citizens. SOMF is dedicated to facilitating the improvement of the mountains and desert Preserves in Phoenix. It provides sanctuary for wildlife in unique, vanishing Sonoran Desert habitat. Outdoor opportunities for recreation and the enjoyment of nature for all ages and walks of life can now be found here.

The North Mountain Visitor Center gives guests an up-close, personal tour of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve and the plants and animals that make up the beautiful area surrounding the Center.

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