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Chips & Tips is the monthly newsletter published by the Maricopa Lapidary Society. It features interesting articles, provides information on current activities, and is available in the Adobe Acrobat format. All material for publication should be submitted via email to the editors by the tenth day of each month.

Chips & Tips February 2024 Newsletter
February Birthstones
Amethyst Facts
The Bola Tie
Ingredients of an Arrowhead

Past Newsletters

Chips & Tips July 2021 Newsletter
Meeting notes June 7, 2021
Who is July Named For?
A History of Independence Day
What Minerals Produce the Colors in Fireworks?
Ruby Facts & History

Chips & Tips April/May 2021 Newsletter
April Birthstone (Diamond) Facts
Lunch at the Park
Emerald Facts

Chips & Tips August 2020 Newsletter
Peridot Facts
Peridot, Arizona
Peridotite Facts
Harmful Dusts & Effects on the Body

Chips & Tips May 2020 Newsletter
Letter to Members
Emerald Facts

Chips & Tips February 2020 Newsletter
Meeting Notes February 3, 2020
Amethyst facts
The Mineral Talc

Chips & Tips November 2019 Newsletter
Christmas Party & Meeting
Meeting Notes November 4, 2019
November Birthstone: Citrine & Topaz
Thanksgiving Becomes a National Holiday

Chips & Tips October 2019 Newsletter
Meeting Minutes October 7, 2019
Veteran's Day Program
October Birthstone: Opal
Tourmaline Facts

Chips & Tips February 2019 Newsletter
February Birthstone: Amethyst
And then there were 10, again!
Maricopa County Fair
Vice Presidential Corner

Chips & Tips Sept 2014 Newsletter.
Maricopa Lapidary Society September 8, 2014 Minutes
Message from the President: Dangerous Minerals in Our Rock Collections
Earth Science Day - GREAT FAMILY EVENT OCTOBER 18, 2014